There once was a programmer bright,
With skills and knowledge to delight,
With zeal and passion burning bright,
The world was open, oh what a sight.

He wrote his code with utmost care,
The lines of code he did prepare,
With each keystroke he did declare,
His love for coding, oh so rare.

The project started with great zeal,
And progress made at every meal,
The code was tight, the bugs did feel,
The programmer's strength, what a deal.

But as time passed, the code did grow,
The deadlines loomed, the bugs did show,
The programmer's pace began to slow,
The pressure mounting, oh no, oh no.

The code was rushed, the tests were few,
The bugs did multiply, oh what a brew,
The programmer's confidence began to skew,
The outcome now uncertain, what to do?

The project's done, the code's a mess,
The bugs still lurk, causing distress,
The programmer's pride now in regress,
The aftermath, oh what a mess.

The lessons learned, the hard way found,
The code review, the tests abound,
The programmer's vow, with no rebound,
To code with care, the code profound.

So heed this tale, dear coder friend,
Be mindful of the pitfalls' end,
Your code with care and passion tend,
And a brighter outcome you'll apprehend.